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7install is a leading online platform that offers an advance technology to provide advertisers and publisher a common place to manage offers, campaigns, data, analytic. 7install is the most effective and powerfull distribution network to promote your software online and to create a successful Internet marketing campaigns through our platform . Our pay per install platform provides a single market and a technology that introduces users to new software products that might interest you, in this way rather than just make a profit when a user installs the software, can also generate additional income with these new products added to the software. Teamwork, customer focus, integrity, responsibility and continuous improvement are core values that define our team culture. Our international and multilingual team of specialists in traffic monetization is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. Created with the aim of providing high performance solutions for online publishers and brand advertisers worldwide, our company has quickly become one of the largest advertising networks in the industry. For our publishing clients, we offer the best advertising campaigns and exclusive conversion pricing models designed to effectively monetize their online content and increase revenues. We work with advertisers recognized in order to offer you the best deals in the industry, that convert well and do make money. Currently, we have a large number of campaigns available on the platform, we can direct the most relevant to your target audience campaigns. Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you every step of the process - from the creation of your account until a help maximize profits and performance. Our network is an immediate and direct solution formed by business partners who want to link your application or your offers to your installer. This way, you can monetize your software installations, receiving payment for each installation or conversion you get. With the benefits you will increase the distribution of your software and gain more customers. Together, we will ensure your success.